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Home Buying Tips


Nothing Is Perfect
When considering a new home keep in mind that, if the home is 90% of all of your expectations and needs, make an offer! Many people make the fatal mistake thinking that the perfect home has to be out there. This costs you, the buyer, time and money. Even when building from the ground up, after you've moved in there is always something that you wish you had done differently.

Consider Your Location
Is your new address so far away from your means of paying the mortgage that you never enjoy it? Don't spend all your valuable time driving just to save $20 or $30 a month. You spend it in the end on gas anyway.

Don't Let $20,000 Stand in Your Way
Do you realize that over a 30-year mortgage $20,000 will increase your payment by an average of only $75 to $100 a month? This could mean the difference between driving time and your children's education.  

Always Speak To A Lender Before Starting Your Search
Your Realtor can give you lender information and set up a ten minute telephone conversation that lets you know how much home you can afford: payments, downpayment, closing costs and what fits your budget.

Create a "Must Have" List
What features are most important in your new home purchase? How may bedrooms and baths do you need? Do you need a large back yard or just a small area? This will make your home search be much easier on both you and the realtor.

Never Be Married To Your New Address
Don't stretch yourself financially so you can only pay the mortgage. An occasional night on the town helps the attitude.

Always Ask For A Home Inspection
Whether it is brand new or slightly used you need to know if problems exist and have them corrected by the seller before moving in.

Be Up Front and Honest With Your Realtor
The only way that any Realtor can do their job correctly is to have honesty from the buyer. In return for that you should receive up front information and honesty from your Realtor.

Stop Looking For The Deal Of The Century

Remember above all else: You get what you pay for!